The Merle E. Wood Funeral Home has been serving the Erie Community since  1923, when Warren W. Wood purchased the Stanford Funeral Home.  Warren operated the family business for many years with his son, Merle, until his retirement from the funeral home and as Erie County Coroner in 1960. 

Merle continued in his father's footsteps with the Funeral Home and also as Erie County Coroner; where he served as Coroner for  40 years.  He operated the funeral home home at 139 West 21st Street until 1992.  Then Merle moved his business to the building located at the corner of West 25th and Sassafras Streets, in a unique business relationship where both establishments operated separate businesses in one building. 

In June of 2013, the Brugger Funeral Homes and Crematory welcomed the Wood Funeral Home into its East 38th Street at Pine Avenue facility, enabling The Wood Funeral Home to  continue serving the Erie Community with  dignity and pride with Merle Wood, who is very active as a funeral director, assisted by his partner and funeral home Supervisor, James Hodinko, a licensed funeral director for over 30 years.  The Wood Funeral Home is honored to be able to share the spacious Brugger location complete with ample parking and onsite crematory with its families. 
Our commitment to families is the foundation on which we are built.  Although we honor & care for departed loved ones, we truly serve the living; those left behind to continue the celebration of life.
Wood Funeral Home, 1923